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Operational car rental in Vilnius, Lithuania with an international company Naniko

Always focused on offer most convenient services to its customers, the company Naniko today already provides an innovative system of services of operational leasing of auto in Vilnius, Lithuania designed and suitable for all sizes of enterprises and organizations. This package implies that the customer will be provided with a vehicle of his choice in a predetermined period, during which will have to pay a fixed monthly amount agreed and stipulated in the lease agreement in advance. As a rule, such a rental period is about three years.

During the term of the lease car is in the property of the leasing company and is registered in its name. All operational costs required for vehicle repair, insurance and licensing occur due to our company and on our responsibility. Standard package of operational car rent in Lithuania includes the cost of all work on the maintenance of fleet and services, with the exception of fuel.

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That range of services and benefits that you will use when using this system:

• Have at your disposal vehicles, equipped according to your requirements.
• Provided with a full maintenance and repair of vehicles you use.
• Full coverage comprised the third-party liability, also taxes.
• Towing and the provision of technical assistance in road failures.
• Replacement of the vehicle for a period of maintenance work.

For large and small businesses, which enjoys package of operational leasing always provided personal advice from our leasing specialists and thus you will be able to correctly select the appropriate conditions for your deals and also choose the vehicles with most suitable character and specific need for your activity.

In short, operational car lease is an effective long-term solution for the mobility of your company.

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With operational leasing of auto from Naniko you get the best service from the professionals in this field, having many years of experience in the global rental market.
At the end of the contract term you do not have to deal with the realization of the used car, because with that will be engaged our qualified staff.
For you and your colleagues will always be available the new vehicles and always available service from our staff.
Scheduled monthly payments allows you to plan your expenses in advance and release substantial financial resources that previously used to the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.