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Long-term car rental in Lithuania with Naniko

Along with the many diverse packages, today the company Naniko provides its clients with car rent in the long term in Lithuania.
This package offers the best solutions for use of vehicles for companies and professionals and the best chance to save their own finances in comparison with such formulas as leasing or buying. At the same time, entrusting all the bureaucratic and administrative aspects directly to Naniko, you get free time and money to devote to your immediate business. The reasons for the professionals and many companies who choose this type of lease are clear: they always know exactly how much will be a monthly fixed fee for the entire period and using the car or a group of commercial vehicles, they do not have to immediately pay the entire cost as when buying .

Select rent a car in the long term in Lithuania from Naniko and let your business grow and prosper!

Let’s see what are the specific benefits in particular from the economic point of view:

  • You originally known the schedule of payments allocated for the entire rental period and initially you know how much you spend. You will not have any unexpected expenditures and unpleasant surprises, as all costs are fixed and initially stipulated in the lease agreement.
  • You do not tie up your capital in a field that is not your direct business. There is no immediate payment or the final maximum payment.
  • The devaluation of the vehicle does not become your problem. At the end of the rental period you get complete freedom in the decision to continue to use of a particular vehicle, replace it or refund. In short you have no risk for the resale of the used vehicle.Further, it may be noted also the operational benefits:
  • You have always in the presence a new car. You are in complete peace of mind every day behind the wheel of a car that is in excellent condition.
  • You have a broad range of solutions and all the flexibility that you could wish for: for all your needs, we are always able to provide the most suitable solution.
  • At your disposal is always the personal consultant of our company. Starting from the first contact, our specialists are available to you at any time to provide the necessary information and give you good advice.

The most affordable option for you and your business – long-term car rental in Lithuania with Naniko!

The fixed monthly fee includes all necessary services for your mobility, what are the replacement of tires, mechanical maintenance or insurance.
In the event of a malfunction of your car the repair will be carried out on the network of authorized workshops of our company and for the period of preventive or other work, you will be supported with another vehicle for temporary use.
At the beginning of the sign the lease contract you can select the desired specific model that our company will order for you. Maximum delivery period could be about a month and for a waiting period you will also be provided with temporary vehicle.