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Corporate car rental in Vilnius, Lithuania with Naniko

International company Naniko provides for enterprises and companies of any size, for their employees and travelers an even greater opportunity for effective service of vehicles, with greater savings, speed and convenience. Thanks to advanced and improved systems of management from Naniko, companies can choose the best for them package of corporate auto rent in Vilnius, Lithuania and provide the perfect mobility for their company. At the same time our company provides a variety of special benefits designed to save your finances and time and make your way easy and convenient.

Our specialized programs tailored to meet your company’s needs, with maximum attention to specific details by which you and your employees will benefit from many advantages.

Learn more about how effectively use corporate rent a car package in Lithuania with ideal rates from Naniko!

Special prices.
Whatever the duration of hire, whether for a day, a week, a month or more, you will always be provided with individual programs for all your transportation needs.

The availability of our rental offices throughout Lithuania, neighboring countries and the majority of countries of the world.
Wherever you have a need for a vehicle, in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, or any large or small cities, you will discover all the opportunity to get car when and where you need.
An extensive fleet of Naniko offers a huge selection of a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from economical small cars, minivans, SUVs, sedans and minivans up to the microbuses or luxury cars.

You will always enjoy the individual service plan that will make the rental easy for you and your employees. The benefits of your tariff plan will be available to you anywhere and for any occasion, for business or leisure travel.
Our program allows to use cost-effective alternative to the companies that own large fleet of vehicles and can significantly reduce it and the corresponding costs of its maintenance through the use of a corporate car rental.

Use the special approach of corporate vehicle rental in Vilnius, Lithuania from Naniko and manage even better your business!

What so distinguishes us from the majority of providers of similar services? Naniko and its subsidiaries provide car rental services in the presence of many reliable cars, leasing and efficient fleet management solutions.
Advanced fleet management systems, software and services are aimed at helping our customers increase productivity and reduce costs.
We are always available to you. Our managers are working on an extensive national and international network for your benefit so hard!