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Intending to travel to Lithuania and to travel at the same time with a convenient means of travel, you can find a lot of offers on car rent in Lithuania, but in order to provide yourself with the best conditions on your trip it is best to choose an experienced specialist in this field as it is the company of Naniko. Lithuania, being the largest of the three Baltic countries steadily established itself as a sought-after destination for both tourism and business, so our company is pleased to provide its customers with an extensive network of rental stations across the country to facilitate your study of this diverse country at your own pace, without having to depend on public transport.

The concept of the Naniko work is based on the basic principles that are accented on providing customers with affordable and best ratio of quality and price. People who use our services always know that they will receive from us the real prices and excellent service and always will be met by our staff with the maximum cordiality and provided with reliable services. If our customers can enjoy the best service of auto rent in Lithuania from Naniko, we will assume that our mission is successfully accomplished!

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So, we are working hard to become the best part of your trip and really to create for you a fantastic holiday. There are also many other reasons to learn about which you will certainly choose Naniko:

• Our offices are available throughout Lithuania and around the world. In most European countries, all the famous tourist destinations in the destinations you will be provided with the highest level of service from our staff.

• With regard to our fleet also nothing will disappoint you. In cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers, we offer you a range where you can choose the right car for your purposes. Always the best models of cars are safe and of proven quality.

• You really can choose any type of car, ranging from small cars with fuel-efficient, city cars, comfortable sedans up to luxury models for special events.

• Speaking of low prices, we mean their real competitiveness in the market. You get prices, which initially already include taxes and insurance costs. No hidden costs and we do not have, all provided with maximum transparency. Any costs for additional services are always listed separately.

• An important fact is that you get a millage without restrictions and free roadside assistance in case of problems. Thus you are free to travel to any distance without any additional surcharges for passed kilometers.

If happened that your intentions are changed you can make adjustments to your order using the appropriate function. Naniko not charge with any penalty even for cancellation. However, we must note that when you change the length of rental and the type of vehicle may change also the total cost.

All extras such as child seats, GPS, additional drivers, snow chains and other can be ordered when booking or directly at our offices.

Make a reservation of your vehicle rental in Lithuania now and get the best rates from Naniko!

In that case, if your plan is to leave the country of rental or take a trip to the neighboring country, with us you will get the opportunity to travel on our cars, notifying about this intention in advance and received for this special notarized permission. In some special cases, you may need additional insurance, which can be paid on the spot.
Do not miss the chance to take advantage of our best service, a variety of service packages and advanced online booking system. Simplify your task and book services without delay!